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Best Hats for Cancer Patients

Hats offer endless options for both comfort and style throughout the seasons. A cozy knit hat with a matching scarf and gloves in glorious jewel tones or winter whites will brighten up even the grayest winter day. For summer and spring, hats for cancer patients are a wonderful solution to keep the sun off of sensitive skin. Be sure that the hat size is large enough to fit over your wig when choosing new hats.

Carrying a crushable hat made of cotton, linen, micro fiber or straw in your shoulder bag will give you piece of mind and confidence.  When you remove your hat, fluff your wig gently with your fingers, and perhaps mist lightly.  Get in the habit of checking yourself out in a mirror after removing a hat or in windy blustery conditions. You are looking for stray flyaway areas to tidy up a bit.

Hats for cancer patients are best in a loose weave and should also have adequate ventilation. A really clever idea is to install loops on the inside rim of your sunhat. You thread a long lightweight scarf through the loop to act as a strap. It’s so versatile to be able to mix and match any scarf. For times when you don’t wish to wear a hairpiece, you can tie a scarf as a head wrap under the sun hat, using the loops to secure it.  A hat worn at a slight angle looks sportier, while hats worn with sunglasses add glamour to any look.

A terrific alterative to wear under hats or turbans is the “halo of hair.” This practical hairpiece consists of a fringe of hair around the circumference of the head with bangs, nape and sides only. You tape it on in place of your full wig. Halos come with Velcro attachments that you may use for hats, turbans, and scarves. The halo can be styled and highlighted to look just like your own hair, providing a good-looking workable option.

Hats for cancer patients come in abundant styles and materials. Turbans in a soft stretchy fabric are ideal to keep you warm and comfortable at night and during your private time around the house.

There are numerous websites that sell hats for cancer patients. Check out a few of these to start researching your options:






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