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Barry Hendrickson

bio-photoBarry Hendrickson has done everything imaginable in wig design. He got worldwide media attention on CNN’s “Style With Elsa Klencsh” with his wig bar in the ultra-hip Fiorucci store. Cher wore his newly designed spiked wig for her Barbara Walters interview and in hot multi-media fitness ads, giving Barry’s new 80’s punk look instant recognition.

As wig master for the Joffrey Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” his elaborate creations captured the imagination of the entertainment world. Designing for T.V. and film, Broadway, touring shows, divas and rock bands, it was his dream- come-true to work with many of his favorite stars. The B-52’s huge hit “Love Shack” video featured his favorite 60’s flips and bee-hives, starting a worldwide trend.

Setting up his own Upper West Side salon, Barry Hendrickson’s Bitz-n-Pieces, in 1991 the focus turned to a more natural but equally exciting ready-to-wear concept.

His stunningly lifelike hairline creations shook the world with Ru Paul’s hit video “Supermodel” and in her highly visible campaign for Mac cosmetics, and are featured on his new hit show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

By happenstance, many clients began to recommend him to family members who were going through chemotherapy. From asking about their experience and learning about their concerns and needs, he realized that understanding the process and side effects helps relieve anxiety, placing the focus on finding the perfect hair replacement.

Barry’s natural-looking wigs and methods are a welcome solution for clients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. “We need to work on the inside of the head before we work on the outside.” This achieves wonderful results not only for their looks, but also more significantly for their outlook.