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A Cheerful Guide Book to Help You Look & Feel Your Best During Chemo

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Beautifully illustrated, Looking Like You offers plentiful solutions to the many sensitive issues related to chemotherapy hair loss. Brimming with positivity and practical advice, the book offers Barry’s most up-to-date design innovations for comfort and style that offer lifelike hairlines along with highlighted blends and colorings to match any age and lifestyle.

You will learn how to select the features that are best suited to your unique individual requirements. Barry gives you techniques for individualizing your hair replacement to most closely resemble the style and look you are accustomed to. He feels that this is the key to looking like yourself at your best during and after treatments, because as they say, “when you look good, you feel good.”

Solutions & Answers

Navigate through the book to find specific information as needed to easily find your answer from each section. In the book you will find the following chapters...more

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Meet The Author

Barry Hendrickson has done everything imaginable in wig design. He got worldwide media attention on CNN’s “Style With Elsa Klencsh” with his wig bar in the...more

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Bitz-N-Pieces Salon

Barry Hendrickson's Bitz-n-Pieces has grown from a cheerful hairpiece counter in a hip, trendy Upper West Side boutique, to a spectacular full-service salon...more

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